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On Monday, October 21, 2013, Renaldo Lawrence, a teacher from Chiswick School who develops and deploys interactive learning resources for staff, faculty, and students was asked by Adobe Systems ( to speak at the prestigious DevLearn eLearning conference.  The event was held in Las Vegas and some of the top companies from around the world attend the event and participate at the event.

Renaldo, who consults and trains across the US and Europe on how to create and use digital media, web design, and eLearning applications in the classroom was honored to be asked to speak and represent Chiswick School. Renaldo is in his first year at Chiswick School, where he is working with teachers from each department developing and creating interactive materials for the iPad, iPhone/iPod, and Android devices. He also teaches geography, ICT, and business studies.  Renaldo is also an Adobe Educational Leader, Apple Distinguish Educator, Microsoft Innovator Teacher, Microsoft Innovator Teacher Developer and Advanced Skills Teacher.

His session featured a case study of quiz performance tracking and student-teacher collaboration using Adobe Presenter 9.  Renaldo worked with the photography teacher Joe Ardy to develop materials which allowed Mr Ardy students to be able to connect with him 24 hours a day through the interactive materials creative.  They could ask him questions, get replies from him and other students.

During his talk Renaldo discussed the resources he helped built for a photography class and discuss how Mr Ardy was using the materials in the classroom. Renaldo also discuss various others tools used to created eLearning materials, how he is working with Year 7 teachers to develop iPad materials for their particular subjects and he showed examples of the materials.

Renaldo said “ It is always an honor to represent Chiswick School at such a wonderful and prestigious event.  Having the chance to show the work Mr Ardy is doing with his students made my time at the conference a total pleasure”.