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unit 17 Interactive multimedia Design lessons 1 and 2 lesson's 9 and 10 lesson's 3 and 4 lesson's 5 and 6 lesson's 7 and 8 mission statement

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Class Introduction - Branding (Who are you and where are you going?)

Please click here to download the lesson plan.

Get the Design Principles Poster here (PDF)

Design Principles PowerPoint can be found here.

Design Principles worksheet - worksheet for students to fill in during lessons. This will then be transfered to their final coursework. This worksheet covers the design principles.

What is responsive design - please click here

Quick video to explain - please click here

Quick introduction to responsive design (explain now responsive design relates to realworld design today and it's importance in the overall scheme of web development)

Sir, What should I have at the end of lessons 1-3?



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To help students understand what is required for completion of the course.

Introduce students to the multimedia assets required to complete the web (tablet sites).

Cover key words/terms so students can gain an understanding of industry terms of multimedia site development.






Multimedia development

Delivery methods



Mobile learning



Design principles worksheet (.doc) - students should download this worksheet and fill it in to help complete their coursework. This worksheet covers lesson and one and two content.

Ask students about their knowledge of web development. Q and A session to include the following questions:

What is multimedia development?
Explain to me what you know about multimedia development.
Give me examples of multimedia products.
Do you think the products are effective? Why? Why not?
What tools do you know which can help you produce multimedia products? What delivery methods are there for multimedia products?
What is accessibility?
Why is accessibility important?

Teacher will: Show examples of web and mobile sites. Discuss structure of multimedia site (tablet/web/CD-ROM/Interactive TV)

Also show student the videos in the Lessons folder and have then explain what interest them about the videos. They should write notes which the drive the class discussion.


Students will be introduced to the concepts of interactive media design.

(P1-M1) Task One –Discuss with the students the different principles. See Prezi link (link below in the support section) to help students understand the concepts. Another helpful document can be found here.

Template for students can be found here. Concepts includes:

1. Planning/conceptualization
2. Design
3. Creation
4. Implementation
5. Testing
6. Review and evaluation

The process above is called the production process. Students MUST explain each part in as much detail as possible. Use this document – link here.


(P1-M1) Task Two – students will need to give a definition of interactive media authoring in their own words.

P1-M1) Task Three – students will need to give a definition of tools used for interactive media authoring.

Examples of tools they can cover are:

1. Dreamweaver – link to site
2. Adobe Muse – link here
3. Adobe Flash – link here
4. Adobe Edge animate – link here
5. WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) – type of WYSIWYG
6. Adobe Photoshop – link here
7. Adobe After Effects–link here
8. Java – link here

Discuss each of the tools to help the students get a concept of what and how they are used in a professional capacity. Have students search for the benefits of the particular software. In example below, I have searched for the benefits of using Adobe Dreamweaver. Link here.

Students will need to make a list of the benefit and disadvantages. (Advantages will out weight the disadvantages)


Stretch - Extension Activity

The principles of design – carryout research on the following terms and find out how they related to interactive media design. (the document is linked to a site to help you complete the task)

· Balance· Proportion · Rhythm· Emphasis · Unity

Students can learn about each of the diferent elements by clicking here. They will then need to come up with their own definition.




Discuss the areas where the students are having issues. Summarize the concepts of interactive media design.

Students will need to cover the sections they have not completed. This will be different for each of the students.


Continue working on the principle of design document. They will need to carryout research looking at the different types of multimedia products. (Examples include looking at their interactive TV, websites, mobile phone sites and CD-ROMs.
Task – take pictures of the interactive menus on your TV so you can use them as example for the next task. Do the same for the different interactive websites.

Support - Support Resources

Sources materials are as listed:

What is multimedia? link here

21st Century Education - Must watch video for students

Design Book - helps teaches you all the principles of interactive design.

Design Principles – pdf document, which covers the principles of Interactive media design.

Principles of Interactive Media - PowerPoint presentation to teach students about the different principles.

Prezi presentation which covers the principles of interactive design.

get the syllabus