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unit 17 Interactive multimedia Design lessons 1 and 2 lesson's 9 and 10 lesson's 3 and 4 lesson's 5 and 6 lesson's 7 and 8 mission statement

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Students are to continue working on their Microsoft Word document completing the distinction task and any other task they have not completed.

Cover key words/terms so students can gain an understanding of industry terms of multimedia site development.





Test Plan




Alternative pathways



Discuss the role balance and the other items below have on the sites they have reviewed.  Discuss with students showing examples while they check to see if they have covered the criteria. Get feedback from the students about how they have integrated the concepts below into their work in the Microsoft Word document.
(P1-M1-D1) The principles of design – you need to covers the principles for each of the products:
·  Balance
·  Proportion
·  Rhythm
·  Emphasis
·  Unity

The worksheet can be found here




For this section we will look at the legal and ethical considerations relevant to industry practice.

You will need to write an article explaining the following items and how they relate to both the industry and your project.

You MUST use appropriate technical industry terms in your article.

  • What is copyright?


    Another in-depth video ln copyright - please click here

  • How does it affect the images you might use from the web or other sources?

  • How does copyright affects the videos you might want to use from YouTube or any other video source?


  • What happens when you don’t have permissions to use either the videos or images?

  • What legal factors should you consider when creating and using other people’s content?

  • Why is it important to acknowledge sources?

  • How does the following affect the content you create or use?

libel and sensitivity to other social groups

In your article you MUST discuss legal factors when downloading music.  Also please make sure that you write about the uses of images and videos in your final project.

Students will need to search YouTube for facts. They must support their theorys with evidence. An example - The computer Misuse Act of 1990 states that "..........". You fill in the blank.


Start designing the school’s interactive site.  You will need to re-read the brief to get an idea of what the task you need to complete is.  Designs should be done on paper. In order to help, review the sites you have carried out research on.
Pick out the elements you wish to use on the school’s Sixth form site such as the navigational structure, placement of images, interactive banners, videos, sound, link to YouTube videos, text and animation. Please see example of what your drawing should look like below.

You will need to complete this document for your coursework.


Recap with students about the importance of the legal side of the industry.  Make sure they understand how important it is that they stay within the law when working with other people’s materials and the outcome if they don’t abide by the law.  Also go over the importance of the design and share with students the drawings below and explain how important it is to get as much details about their drawings as possible.


Principles of Interactive Media – pdf document, which covers the principles of Interactive media design.

Storyboarding - Film Riot (listen to the first 1:40) Ryan discussess how to storyboard and the importance of storyboarding)


The Purpose Of Storyboarding - Pixar (Disney)


Powepoint internet slideshow

The presentation of the course

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