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unit 17 Interactive multimedia Design lessons 1 and 2 lesson's 9 and 10 lesson's 3 and 4 lesson's 5 and 6 lesson's 7 and 8 mission statement

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You will need to complete this document for your coursework.

Article from TechSmith about creating your storyboard - please click here

Storyboard templates | template 1 | template 2| template 3

What should I have at the end of this section? Download the checklist here.

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To help students understand what’s required to plan their school site.

Discussing the target audience and ensuring that the page elements reflect the designs.

Discuss the optimization of site content.









Alternative pathways





Show the students different examples of different drawing, which makes up a site.  Walk the students through the following site and they will need to list on paper what they think are the most important parts of the site.  They will also need to list at least two reasons why they think it is important and how it benefits the people visiting the site.

Have the students listen to the one of the videos about storyboarding.


Start discussing with students the different elements that make up a website/tablet site.  Look at the structure and elements that make us a page.
Start designing the school’s interactive site. 
You will need to re-read the brief to get an idea of what the task you need to complete is.  
Designs should be done on paper. (we will scan these later) Students MUST annotate each of the items on each of the drawings. See example below.

Reasons why you should use a storyboard



In order to help, review the sites you have carried out research on.

Make a checklist of the elements you wish to have on the site (may be a great idea to see the site specifications provided by Mr Ryan)

Think about the name of the pages you will have (again see site specifications)

What format is the site going is exported in?

Who is the target audience?

Think about the site navigational structure.

Alternative pathways (extra navigational structure in the footer)

Thing about the colour of the body fonts, title fonts

Think about the size of the body font, title fonts


Pick out the elements you wish to use on the school’s Sixth form site such as the navigational structure, placement of images, interactive banners, videos, sound, link to YouTube videos, text and animation. (see criteria)

Start designing the pages using the checklist you have complied.


Having met with Mr Ryan, student will now have to redo the outline of the site, students will need to draw another prototype of the site with the changes they have gotten from Mr Ryan. Maybe they have added more elements or changed the structure of the navigational bar. Remind the students it is not able them but the client when design and structuring the site.  We will discuss this in class.


Have the students compare their drawings to help ensure they have all the elements required for completion of the drawings.  They should have created a checklist of all the elements for each of their pages.  Have them use this checklist as a guide.

top  - instructional design site that explain the why in design. - this website explains the value of prototyping and puts it in real life context. - this site explain the importance of wireframing (prototyping – drawings)

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