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unit 17 Interactive multimedia Design lessons 1 and 2 lesson's 9 and 10 lesson's 3 and 4 lesson's 5 and 6 lesson's 7 and 8 mission statement

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Please download the checklist for your drawings.

Storyboard templates | template 1 | template 2| template 3

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Help the students understand the value of creating the drawings.

Help them to understand how the drawings will lead into their final products.










Alternative pathways




Along with the students, we need to have a conversation and discuss the drawings they have created or in the process of creating.  The drawings will be/are based on the main interactive project they will create.
We need to discuss:

  1. the value of creating the drawings

  2. what is suppose to be in the drawings

  3. the checklist and how to use it effectively

Students then need to share their drawing and check each other’s work during the main activity. More importantly we need to ensure that the students understand the creation process from start to finish.



Students need to use the checklist to make sure they have all the elements from the list or the majority of them completed on their drawings. (please see checklist below)
Students then need to exchange their drawings with each other and check each other’s work then give feedback based on the checklist.  If they have not finished their drawings, then they need to complete their drawings.

Students need to ensure they understand the developmental process and how this process fits into the big picture of their project development.



Ok, now that we understand the value of creating the drawings, we need to use the computer to create our folders structure.
This folder structure will hold all of your project developmental resources and the final project.

 It is a great idea to use the following structure.

Main folder = Unit_17_Interactive_Media_design
Inside of this folder create 5 other folders.
Name the folders = final_project, images, source, sounds and animation

 Remember that only the correct files go into the named folder = example all images will go into the images folder and all sounds will go into the sounds folder.

Part two of this task is to find and start creating the resources and then placing them into the correct folders.  This may be shooting video, finding images, creating images or sounds.

Part three of this task is to create a Google account (if you have not already done so) and backup your workYou MUST create a tutorial showing how you have created the Google account and uploaded the folders using Microsoft Word to document the process.


Discuss the value of backing up their work, go around and make sure that the students have done this correctly and also check that their drawing are done correctly.
Have students give feedback based on the lesson.  Cover the creation process and make sure students ensure they understand the process.




Principles of Interactive Media – pdf document, which covers the principles of Interactive media design.

Storyboarding - Film Riot (listen to the first 1:40) Ryan discussess how to storyboard and the importance of storyboarding)


The Purpose Of Storyboarding - Pixar (Disney)


Powepoint internet slideshow

The presentation of the course

get the syllabus