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Below we have examples of works completed with various departments at Chiswick School.


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Photography lessons and Quiz
This is just an example of the lesson. The full lesson gives teachers and students the opportunities to collaborate. It also has built in quizzes where students can check their understanding of the lesson's content.

N/A (please see your teacher)

Ipad in the Classroom

Using the Ipad in the classroom - this is account of one of the lessons I supported for the geography department using the ipads inthe classroom.



Departmental Materials - here you will find materials we have created to help the different departments.

Year 12 History Exam Revision

Please click on the individual books below to see that particular presentation. Please see your teacher to get the iPad version or the IBooks version.


British Exam Revision Presentation Part 1 British Exam Revision Presentation Part 2 British Exam Revision Presentation Part 3