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Chiswick's e-Safety digital Magazine


The front cover of the e-Safety application. This is the application used at Key Stage 3 in ICT  to teach students and parents about staying safe online.  Some of the advantages of using the application are:


  1. students are able to learn independently
  2. parents can access the application because the application is available on the web so it can be access 24 hours a day.
  3. the application allow the teacher to help differentiate lessons
  4. students can listen to their teacher to help them better understand what is required for them to be successful.

Audio Page

All the pages of this application has audio. Students are able to hear their teacher and see visual information to help support their learning.


Below we have a selection of video, audio testimonials or and examples of content, based on how teachers are working with digital content in and out of their classrooms. To access one of the videos please click on the play button.

Mrs Sabharwal's opinion of why the ICT application used in lessons at Key Stage 3 is so valuable. She talks about how the application allows students to work independently during lessons or at home and why the application is so valuable to both students and parents.

Lesson 1 - Whaley the dolphin

Introduction to the parents section of the e-Safety application.

Lesson 4 -Wally the Walrus

Lesson 5 - Bobby the Fish

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